How to return a product ?

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and the terms of the return , Give you the product is returned within 14 days in case you change your mind or the product is defective , But is has to be on its original condition with out a scratch with its Full Packaged (Foam-cartons-bags-drivers-brochures attached) , and the turning happens in the customer service center in Nasr City within the week days from 10 am to 6 pm except Friday and Saturday .


What is the period do I have to return the product ?

The product returns after checking and making sure that the model is just good as it was with its all contents within a working day At the most .


What if the product crashes within the warranty period ?

In case there was a crash or technical defect , contact back the company customer service in the headquarter , the device will be delivered For a period ranging from 10 to 15 day of work , the defective part in the product will be replaced , and in case there is no spare parts or alternative product or the product lifetime has ended or stopped production , re-evaluating the product at the discretion of the company to it , And put the amount in the customer’s account to buy another product or take money back .


What are the terms of the product out of warranty ?

The product concerned out of the warranty in case there is a Scrape or scratch in The serial number or model number or the product Number or any of the original product data , or the defect was Misuse like Falling on the ground or on the water .


What happens if lost one of the product’s accessories?

In this case the not retrieve the product, but it replaces it with another device.


How many warranty period on the product?

All East Asian products to ensure year from the date of purchase on the full product, but on the spare Laptop parts are as follows:
Three months to ensure laptop screens
Six months to ensure both : batteries and chargers and laptop
Warranty against manufacturing defects and not misuse or programs and are not receiving the product, but the entire contents and purchase bill


What happens in case of loss of the original copy with the product?

You should keep the original version with the products via recovery on flash memory or Memory cylinders where it is impossible to return them again without recovery and therefore must if you replace a device with a copy of original to be present on the device.


What happens if there is a scratch in the device and a malfunction occurs in the warranty period? 

In case of damage or scratches in the product company inspected the product virtual examination with the naked eye only if receipt is not considered matching product warranty terms only after the response of the dealer within 15 days from the date of receipt

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