Hankerz Story

It all happened before Insomnia Egypt 2019. A group of Gamers and Creators decided to build a new brand that can make a difference in others life by helping them meet their winning moments through providing them with affordable PC Builds, customer services, post-sale services and information about PC builds and components to increase awareness about hardware in Egypt

Why is hankerz different?

We are not just sellers; we are your friends that you can always ask about anything, play with, and we’re always here to support you!

Our goals is to help everyone buy and build his own PC, increase knowledge about hardware & Pc builds, and finally build a strong community for gamers and geeks.

Hankerz Values

Hankerz team always pays their debts.

We always seek our customer’s satisfaction.

Team Comes First.

We are not just sellers, we are your friends.

Commitment to excellence and integrity.

Satisfying and delighting our customers.